When America’s 45th president enters the Oval Office in January 2017 he or she will inherit a superpower in decline, weakened militarily, floundering internationally, and facing an array of adversaries on the world stage keen to undercut America’s position.
The harsh reality is that after nearly seven years of the Obama presidency, America’s allies are losing faith in Washington, while our enemies are gaining strength and becoming increasingly emboldened.

From the Middle East and North Africa to Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim, the United States is being aggressively challenged while its commander-in-chief has sought to retreat from the world stage. The dangerous long-term consequences of this feckless approach will be inherited by future generations – unless there is a dramatic reversal in strategic thinking in the White House.
The next leader of the free world faces a stark choice – between continuing the Obama administration’s disastrous approach of “leading from behind” or boldly reasserting American leadership. For the sake of the United States and her allies, it has to be the latter.