Today the House Transportation and Infrastructure committee will mark-up their “long-term” highway bill, the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform (STRR) Act, with only a week left before the deadline.
Spanning six years, STRR is the House’s response to the big-spending DRIVE Act that passed in the Senate at the end of July, just before Congress decided on a short-term, $8 billion patch instead.
Those who expected the “reform” part of STRR to be the emphasis will not find much to like in the legislation. STRR is another status-quo bailout that perpetuates the chronic overspending and misallocation of resources spent out of the Highway Trust Fund. The bill, which totals $325 billion in spending, keeps current funding levels in place (adjusted for inflation) while completely disregarding the annual deficit of about $15 billion expected over the next six years.
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