If Hillary Clinton were to be elected president, what economic policies would she propose and what would be the effect on the economy? To try to get an answer, I have looked at her statements, her campaign website, and her Senate record.
Mrs. Clinton has recognized the major economic problem of slow growth and stagnant incomes, and her economic platform is called, “A plan to raise American incomes.”

Unfortunately, the plan is largely a list of feel-good statements with very little specificity and contains nothing that would have a major positive impact on economic growth. (In fact, some of the proposals, such as increasing the minimum wage and overtime rules, would be small negatives). After Mrs. Clinton gave her big economic policy speech in July, the left-leaning Huffington Post featured an article by two of its reporters titled: “Hillary Clinton’s economic speech a total letdown: Wages and inequality get lip service and not much else.” After reading the speech, one can only conclude the authors got it right in the headline.
Hillary has said she is in favor of tax relief for families, yet, unlike many of her Republican rivals, she has failed to provide specific tax cut proposals with numbers other than extending a $2,500 tax cut for students to deal with college costs. Her small-business proposals are four, nice, general statements, without specifics.