When I had just started to raise a family, and I struggled to make my small business turn a profit, I had to make decisions about what bills to pay based on priorities and due dates. Sometimes, the struggle to balance the checkbook would be a painful one, and we had to do without some things as “luxuries”—even if we hadn’t considered them luxuries before.
This wasn’t some unique experience of mine. Too many Americans these days are forced to make sacrifices to keep the lights on.
But the federal government doesn’t do the same—in fact, it rarely even tries. Instead, the impending Boehner-Obama agreement allows Congress to rack up new debt and guarantees even more spending without putting any checks in place.

This is an insult to the American families whose tax dollars pay their salaries. It is slap in the face to families who are forced to shell out for every single irresponsible spending bill and wrecked entitlement system, because their representatives are too cowardly to tighten the belt and work on some hard reforms.