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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bridal Parties Continue to Keep It Classy

What better way to mark your special day than by hiking up your gown and showing some ass for the wedding album?

Being a bridesmaid is rough. First, there’s the popularity contest of who actually gets chosen for the coveted group (sorry, Amber). Then there are the multiple dress fittings, subsequent bridal breakdowns and, of course, cheap cocktails drunk through penis straws in honor of the bachelorette’s last hurrah.
But now there’s a new requirement to add to the friendship-straining ordeal—the very real possibility that you’ll be asked to bare your ass for the camera.
Wedding pictures featuring not-so-blushing brides and their long-suffering friends flashing their underwear are beginning to surface, and people are starting to throw around the dreaded “trend” word. While some of the photos aren’t new, it appears we have reached a critical mass and it’s now officially upon us.
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