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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin: Vladimir Putin a 'Silly Little Man'

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin: Vladimir Putin a 'Silly Little Man'

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin fired back against Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday calling him a "silly little man" after he said that he was not interested in invading Alaska.

Putin downplayed the value of Alaska during a question-and-answer session in Moscow today, pointing out that it was a cold northern territory.
“What would you need Alaska for?” he said, advising Russians "not be overenthusiastic” about the state.

“Mr. Putin, such a silly little man on this matter of invading Alaska,” Palin said in a written statement to Breitbart News, pointing out that it was obvious that Russia got “screwed” after selling the land to the United States in 1867 for $7.2 million.
“Sure, in hindsight your czars of old may have felt you got screwed in the deal when Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State scored on this enormously resource-rich land for just seven cents an acre, but that’s water under the former land bridge,” she said.
Palin reminded Putin that many Russians leave their country to start a new life in Alaska.
"So many legal immigrants from Russia craving freedom and opportunity work tirelessly to leave your country and start a new life in America’s largest state, but I’ve yet to meet an Alaskan scurrying to relocate to Russia, and that ought to tell you something," she said.
Palin also pointed out that Putin that Alaska was rich with natural resources.
"Silly of you not to acknowledge our oil, gas, coal, minerals and mounds of gold, fisheries, strategic location as the air crossroads of the world, pristine environment and beauty, plus so much more," she said.
Palin warned Putin away from the idea, reminding him that she could keep a close eye on his movements.
"But I don’t want to tempt you, so we shall just keep an eye on you – from very nearby."
As the Republican vice presidential candidate, Palin was mocked by the media in 2008 for suggesting that Putin might invade Ukraine if President Obama was elected president.

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