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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bill’s convention blues

By Post Editorial Board

Somebody’s sabotaging Mayor de Blasio’s bid for Democrats to hold their next political convention in New York.
And it turns out to be the mayor himself.
When he first announced his hopes to bring the Democrats to Brooklyn for 2016, The Post cheered.
We thought it would also serve as a force for common sense, too, since “Mayor Bill is not going to want delegates and media walking away with the impression that progressivism means a return to the dysfunctions of the 1970s.”

But look at New York from the perspective of the Democratic National Committee considering the city’s bid. The most obvious thing you face is a war with the police de Blasio seems to make worse every day.
On top of this, a Siena poll released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day shows race relations in Bill de Blasio’s New York getting worse.
In this poll, only 25 percent of city residents call race relations “excellent” or “good.” That’s down from 39 percent last year, before de Blasio took over. Almost half say de Blasio is making things worse.
The poll comes at the same time we learn would-be donors to underwrite the city’s bid for the convention are closing their checkbooks. Thus far, only $16 million of the $100 million goal has been raised.
Put it this way: If you were at the Democratic National Committee and looking at New York for 2016, what would you see?
A city whose police officers have three times turned their backs on the mayor while protesters shouting anti-cop slogans have taken over bridges and tunnels in violation of the law, not to mention a city whose ­racial divide is growing rather than healing.
Is that really the city where you will want to showcase your party?
Bill de Blasio campaigned for mayor on the idea of a divided New York. On that much, he’s sadly delivered.
And if he doesn’t find a way to turn it around, his party may well decide to take its 2016 national convention elsewhere.

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