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Monday, August 17, 2015

BREAKING: State Dept. Reports Something About Hillary To Federal Judge That Could Change Everything

BREAKING: State Dept. Reports Something About Hillary To Federal Judge That Could Change Everything

The staggering revelation casts further doubt...
Complying with a federal judge’s order to keep his court informed of progress in screening Hillary Clinton’s heretofore unreleased emails, the State Department on Monday dropped a surprise bombshell that is likely to cause major reverberations throughout the campaign of the Democrat front-runner as well as deep inside her party’s power structure.
The Washington Times reports that the court was just told that hundreds of the former secretary of state’s emails — communications she has repeatedly claimed did not contain classified material — have been determined to contain possibly secret information. The staggering revelation casts further doubt on the security consciousness of the woman who would be the country’s commander in chief.

“More than 300 of former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails — or 5.1 percent of those processed so far — have been flagged for potential secret information, the State Department reported to a federal court Monday,” according to the Times article.
The newspaper points out that dozens of Clinton’s digital messages already made public by order of the federal court have had information blacked out because it is, or could be found to be, classified. A number of officials from various government agencies have been carefully reviewing the Clinton emails, line by line.
The reviewers have screened about 20 percent of the 30,000 emails Mrs. Clinton returned to the department, which means if the rate of potentially secret information remains steady, more than 1,500 messages will have to be sent to intelligence community agencies, known in government as ‘IC,’ to screen out classified information.
Western Journalism reported earlier on Monday that famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward, whose reporting helped to bring down Richard Nixon, has now said that the Clinton email scandal reminds him of the Nixon tapes and how they contributed to the fall of the nation’s 37th president.
Given that Hillary Clinton’s trust factor among voters has taken a big hit as the Emailgate scandal widens, it’s likely the candidate’s image as a trustworthy politician will continue to erode in light of the growing number of potentially classified emails found to have resided on her private server.
Fox News late last week reported on the results of a new poll that found Clinton’s approval numbers tanking in a number of key swing states, including Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia. According to the cable network:
The reason for Clinton’s decline with the swing-state general electorate is not hard to discern. Trust for Clinton waned notably since last month’s survey. In July, 41 percent of respondents expressed at least some degree of trust for the former secretary of state. This month, that’s fallen to 37 percent.
Distrust of Clinton, which clocked in at 56 percent last month has climbed all the way to 60 percent

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